Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Tale of Salmonella Vampirella

In the mist of the dark night
she flew over the suburban chimneys
lurking with her night vision sight
through the window of human nest
families dines in stuffing their faces with fat drenched meals while watching
equally fat drenched commercials
and then wash them down with sugar carbonated liquid
she looked with disgust but yet the sight doesnt cringe her appetite
she craves it...a flood of it
RED RUM!RED RUM!she calls them
slushing and gushing in her stomach lining
then ...
down she fell into a garbage truck
she felt fleshy texture falling all over her
she opened her cat eyes and realised
shes lying on top a mountain of butchery wastes
RED RUM! she screams with eyes wide open
the stuffing her face with spoiled meat
and thus how she ends up with salmonella

the end...
worst wishes xoxo sanchia

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