Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ringo Phone Home

His last question was "why dont you like me here anymore?"
looking at me with a heart wrenching eyes with a bit of tongue sticking out
Don't worry ill see you soon..he turned a way his tail tucked in and out the window he looked out

out the window he walked off
confined strange place he was
the air stinks of never ending summer and fried debris of domestic wastes
For a while he ponder deeper he gets into this forsaen suburbia
he encounter a place of a fruit seller
the man offered him papaya skin...he said with his eyes gleaming " Take it and go anywhere you like...Go now and dont come back...find a place where theres no one to replace you not even a black princess of darkness"

So there he goes anger reached up to his nose over the coast across the highways into a jungle full of tropicana fruits with lake of jello
he sat and ponder...thinking about the forsaken suburb the only place he has ever known yet the place that seemed so strange

then....a apair of swallow bird approached him...luring him out and said...

ringo...phone home...master is waiting

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