Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pony Tales

My Little Pony on PROZAC

Once upon a time there was a pony the colour of lime
fell in love with a slime
who left her for a zebra
with a pair of busts twice the size of her bra
she knew for a fact that prozac was her only smack
thus...the tale of my little pony on prozac

My Little Frankenpony

Poor little 5th grader whose pony got slaughtered by a hit and runner
holds up a pole with a million volts in the pouring rain she jam into the pony’s brain
there was a loud roar and the pony jumps in flight of horror...
the birth of
My Little Frankenpony

My Little Pony Vixen

My Little Pony Vixen
strutting to town for a fix’um
wouldn’t mind for another night of shame and sorrow
for a better tommorrow
A thought that stays from the first day she roams
with her daddy awaits at home
Little that he knew his
favourite girl didn’t quite make it to college

all stories written with love,
xoxo sanchia

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