Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Tale of Salmonella Vampirella

In the mist of the dark night
she flew over the suburban chimneys
lurking with her night vision sight
through the window of human nest
families dines in stuffing their faces with fat drenched meals while watching
equally fat drenched commercials
and then wash them down with sugar carbonated liquid
she looked with disgust but yet the sight doesnt cringe her appetite
she craves it...a flood of it
RED RUM!RED RUM!she calls them
slushing and gushing in her stomach lining
then ...
down she fell into a garbage truck
she felt fleshy texture falling all over her
she opened her cat eyes and realised
shes lying on top a mountain of butchery wastes
RED RUM! she screams with eyes wide open
the stuffing her face with spoiled meat
and thus how she ends up with salmonella

the end...
worst wishes xoxo sanchia

Pony Tales

My Little Pony on PROZAC

Once upon a time there was a pony the colour of lime
fell in love with a slime
who left her for a zebra
with a pair of busts twice the size of her bra
she knew for a fact that prozac was her only smack
thus...the tale of my little pony on prozac

My Little Frankenpony

Poor little 5th grader whose pony got slaughtered by a hit and runner
holds up a pole with a million volts in the pouring rain she jam into the pony’s brain
there was a loud roar and the pony jumps in flight of horror...
the birth of
My Little Frankenpony

My Little Pony Vixen

My Little Pony Vixen
strutting to town for a fix’um
wouldn’t mind for another night of shame and sorrow
for a better tommorrow
A thought that stays from the first day she roams
with her daddy awaits at home
Little that he knew his
favourite girl didn’t quite make it to college

all stories written with love,
xoxo sanchia

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ringo Phone Home

His last question was "why dont you like me here anymore?"
looking at me with a heart wrenching eyes with a bit of tongue sticking out
Don't worry ill see you soon..he turned a way his tail tucked in and out the window he looked out

out the window he walked off
confined strange place he was
the air stinks of never ending summer and fried debris of domestic wastes
For a while he ponder deeper he gets into this forsaen suburbia
he encounter a place of a fruit seller
the man offered him papaya skin...he said with his eyes gleaming " Take it and go anywhere you like...Go now and dont come back...find a place where theres no one to replace you not even a black princess of darkness"

So there he goes anger reached up to his nose over the coast across the highways into a jungle full of tropicana fruits with lake of jello
he sat and ponder...thinking about the forsaken suburb the only place he has ever known yet the place that seemed so strange

then....a apair of swallow bird approached him...luring him out and said... home...master is waiting

Wednesday, July 19, 2006



heres the flyer and some hint of my shirt

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Slothrider

Introducing...The Slothrider (yes the Sloth...the slowest animal on earth...keepin it slow with his lo-lows)
i knoww...i'm obsessed with Lowrider bikes...will show u people when the real thing is actually done!WHOOOHOOOO!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Pics

Sneaker Pimpin' Good!

Best long weekend ever....!!almost 10.000 people showed up...SUCH A HIGH!!
Introducing new characters...and my first attempt in customising kicks...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006



she wakes on a traffic
she walks down cold halls
she sat facing a cube
she does it day in day out
she falls asleep on a traffic
filled with silent dreams
she walks home with a vaccum mind
and drowns it with blood water
she enters a room with a made up view
and awaits the darkness and rain
hope she finds pleasure in pain

she wakes on a rooftop and things began to stir
she walks down a yellow brick road
she lies on a field of white roses
she does it day in day out
she falls asleep with butterflies
filled with champagne dreams
she walks home with a jar of glee
and feed it with dew
she enters a room full of bloom
and awaits the moon to turn soon

love,sanchia march 20th 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006