Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tattoo Projects

Alright i have to admit ever since i got hooked on my first tattoos...and Miami Ink...LA ink...and such
I've been exploring back on my realistic drawing skills...and of course tattoo style compositions...and people have been asking me to do drawings for tattoos...which includes my boyfriend's awesome black and white upper arm sleeve ink that ive designed...and tattooed by my dear friend Bobby from Rock n Roll Tattoo!

and heres the result! 4 and a half hours of pain...

The Black Book

Since i haven't done any exhibition or anything worth mentioning...:P
(aside from i am officially endorsed by Nike now...will upload pics for that very soon)
I've decided to make full use of my new samsung NV10 camera i got form my boyfriend for xmas!
I present to you my sketch book...!toodles!